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Monday, June 17, 2013

Hey beauties!!
So every time i sit at my makeup vanity, i always think of ways i can change up my storage.  I posted a makeup collection video not too long ago and in that video i mentioned how i didn't love the black mirror i had at the time. Check out my previous makeup collection video here

Recently I've purchased a new mirror and I'm in LOVE with it! It's from Vanity Girl Hollywood -After getting my new mirror i realized that my Ikea MALM drawer was just too small for the mirror, so i switched it out with a plain table from Ikea that i had.  I also started storing all my makeup in my Alex 9 drawer from Ikea. Im loving this new set up because i have a lot of room, and of course, a TON of storage.

A lot of you have asked for an update makeup collection ever since i changed my filming set up. I didnt want to actually film a whole new video since i just posted one not too long ago- so i figured i would do a post on here and let you see how i store my makeup now! Keep in mind this is a big hobby of mine & its what i love to do! Which is why i have so much ;)

Starting with the items that are stored on top of the Alex 9 drawers- I have a 5 drawer storage unit from Muji and i absolutely love this! Its a clear acrylic drawer and its great for storing all of my eye products such as eyeliners, shadows, & mascara. I also use the bottom drawer to store some of my lipglosses and lip liners! I use to have 3 muji drawers all together but i have worked my way down to only using one! The lipstick holder is also from Amazon

Now behind the muji drawer i have my MAC brush cleanser and extra brushes that are stored in a cup that i got from Target. You can find them in the Sonia Kashuk section. I love the little brushes on the cups i think it adds a cute touch.

Moving on to the actual table that my mirror sits on, I like to keep this part pretty simple. Just keeping my most used face and eye brushes, 
MAC fix plus, and my beauty blenders! Ive recently put business cards of a company that i get my false eyelashes from on my mirror because i dont want to loose them!

Now we are going to the first drawer of my Alex 9 drawer from Ikea and this is where i store all of my palettes. I LOVE the fact that they are all stored away and you cant really see them. I have a lot of palettes ranging from NARS, MAC, Urban Decay, & BH Cosmetics. I also store Sigma eyeshadow bases in here as well. There is a lot of room in these drawers so you can stack your palettes up very nicely.

The second drawer is one of my favorites! Its basically my "everyday" drawer & its pretty unorganized. I keep all of my most used makeup in here and i also store my false lashes. I have things ranging from eyeshadow primers, liners, lipsticks, glosses, etc. I love this drawer because it holds a lot of my favorite things! ;)

The next drawer is for all of my liquid/cream face products. I have my foundations, BB creams, liquid highlighters, and concealers in here. I usually have at least 2 of every foundation i purchase because im always self tanning or out in the sun so my color  fluctuates.

Moving on i have another face drawer and this stores all of my powders! Im a total junkie with face products & im always wanting to try out new things. Behind the powders i just have samples, back ups, or products that I havent had the chance to try out yet. I also like to store my setting sprays and my HUGE brush from eco tools. 

Next drawer is my next favorite because it has all my blushes and bronzers in it. Im a blush and bronzer freak as well so i do have quite a few in here! It ranges from drugstore to high-end and i love all of these products!

Now the next drawer is not as exciting but i still love it lol This is where i store my extensions! The ones i use are by Bellami Hair. I dont like to toss my extensions in a random spot because it can cause a big, tangled mess. So i store them flat in this drawer and it keeps the hair nice and protected.

Next drawer is for all of my makeup bags. I have one from Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Forever 21,  Benefit, Soap & Glory, etc. I always have to have a lot of options when it comes to picking a makeup bag. 

Next drawer holds my curling irons. I have a ton of these and 98% of them are from Nume! I love their wands and they are literally all i use. Im so happy i finally have a place to hide these because i dont like when i see cords hanging out everywhere.

The final drawer is definitely a random one. I have heat pads in here for my hot tools, straighteners, bobby pins, hair ties, teasing combs, regular combs, etc. Its a pretty messy drawer but i always find what i need in here! lol

So that was my updated makeup collection! I hope you all enjoyed and please follow my blog for more posts that you might not see on my beauty channel! & dont forget to share with fellow bloggers & friends! ;) 

Love you all! xoxo


  1. Love the new set up! I want the Alex 9 drawer so bad but unfortunately I don't have an Ikea near me and shipping is crazy! haha Thanks for sharing.

    xo Leah hugkissmakeup.blogspot.com

  2. I have the Alex 9-drawer for my makeup storage too and I'm so happy with it! It holds so much! I love the Somia Kashuk brush holders - I want to try and find those now!

  3. I think I need to start shopping at Ikea, love your drawers! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Unfortunately I liked the old set-up that was in your video better, not liking the mirror but I am glad you are finding something that works for you as makeup storage, I find, is a very personal thing. I have clear drawers to store all of my products in and love it!

  5. Love this storage! It works better than the other set up! I love how you have some of your muji drawers inside the ikea alex drawers!

  6. ok so im already in love with your blog. because its truly you, i love that its truly your ideas and thoughts and not posts that are overly sponsored. all your photos are amazing, can i ask what camera you use for this?? please keep posting regularly because you are a delight to follow.

  7. literally am so axcited about this! I am going to go watch the video right now :)
    I love your set up <3 I really want that mirror too.

  8. LOVE IT! I'm obsessed with your collection so I will live vicariously through your wonderful makeup life haha

    Keep it up! :)

  9. Hi Casey!
    I have been watching your youtube videos for quite awhile now and am happy to see that you have started a blog as well! I am in the market for makeup storage items and have definitely seen the muji drawers and the ALEX 9 drawers from IKEA around in videos so I will probably be getting those when I move in to my new apartment. Can't wait to see more videos and read more posts from you!

    ♥ Samantha

  10. I have been debating getting the Alex drawer system. I love my muji. I should prob buy a 2nd one, since there so nice. Love the setup and love that your blogging as well. I try to keep up with my blogs, but the videos I do seem to go out faster then a blog.lol.

  11. This seems like a really great way to store your makeup! I have seen several other beauty gurus use the Alex drawer system, like Fleur! I'm still trying to build my collection so it's pretty small for now, but I was wondering if you could do a blog post or video about where to start when you're trying to build a collection! Like, what are some must-haves in every makeup collection! Thanks!


  12. I saw that you have individual lashes, can you do a tutorial on how to apply them? ive heard the ardell ones stay for about 2 weeks or more if used with the dark lash adhesive glue. ive been really interested in investing in individual lashes by ardell! Also i need to learn how to apply them

  13. Today I thought I'd start with something simple and a fairly recent purchase which is The Naked Basics from Urban Decay by
    Organic beauty products

  14. so jealous of your collection! i also understand where youre coming from when a drawer (or whatever) is really unorganized but somehow you still know where everything is! lol anyway, love your videos & posts! keep it up pretty :)

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